My son's presentation and journal on the 18th of April, 2018

I ate steak with some vegetable for lunch. A steak is one of my favorite food. I would like to explain about my food web. There is vegetable, carrot, lettuce, and corn. A cow can eat all vegetable. I can eat all vegetable and a cow. I am the top of food web for my lunch.

This story is the journey which baby turtle grows into adult and comes back to the same beach.

The baby turtle has lots danger until adult, and we can help them.
We can protect the buried eggs from hungry raccoons and car with a painted sign and wire mesh. After hatch, we do switch off light in order that the baby turtles can go to sea right way. Even if we help them. There are still hungry animanls on the beach, and hungry fish in the water. And we can also clean the plastic bag in order that the turtle doesn't eat it. The turtle come to the same beach to lay her eggs after avoid many dangerous things.

So many of turtle can come to the same beach again if we help the turtle.

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