My son's presentation and Journal on the 11th of May, 2018

I like better to eat at home. My favorite foods are a stake and seaweed soup my dad cooked. I think the stake is the most delicious than I eat at other restaurants. If I leave some pieces of the stake, My kitten named Jack can also eat them. I often eat the beef seaweed soup in the morning, and I like it. I like to eat the foods while watching TV. My home is very comfortable.

My favorite subject is science class.

There is a science lesson in my elementary a week after school. But I always do two scientific test in the lession. I am very interested in doing the test with my classmate. I  think the test results are amazing. I guess there is not a lot of scientists in Korea than other countries. I will be scientist to show many people amazing science.

So I like the science class, and will be great scientist.

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