My son's presentation and Journal on the 8th of June, 2018


People have a fixed idea.

Such as, It is widely known that a cat hates taking a bath, Peoplcan not take a walk with a cat, A cat will hide from the people if a cat sees a stranger, And a cat sleeps all day long except eating time.

But My cat is different with the above type. My cat, Jack does not hate taking a bath, He likes to take a walk. He acts cute when he sees someone who has never met, And he prefers eating than sleeping.

People often ask me "Is it dog" while I take a walk with my cat. People have a habitually fixed idea. If people do not have a fixed idea, They will not ask me "Is it dog".


I would like to tell you about my best dream, but I don't remember it. So I try to tell you about my nightmare instead of my best dream.

While I was asleep, One of very many asteroid was fallen to my house. So I was woken up quickly in very surprised and really scared. The asteroid was a quite bright red and a little big. The white big bath and the beautiful table in my house were destoried by the asteroid. I jumped down from my house because of fear, and then I was awake up from my sleep. I could not get asleep again, but I was able to go to sleep in a few minute after my dad held my hand

Thank you for listening to my presentation.

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