When Power or others issues on ILOM

1. Modify NET MGT IP to static:
After console connection, You run the below command
  -> set /SP/network pendingipdiscovery=static
  -> set /SP/network pendingipaddress=<IPv4_address>
  -> set /SP/network pendingipgateway=<gateway_address>
  -> set /SP/network pendingipnetmask=<netmask_address>
  -> cd /SP/network
  -> set commitpending=true

2. Collect full snapshot:
- Login to ILOM Web Interface
- Expand the menu ILOM Administration on the left side of the screen.
- Select Maintenance
- Select the tab Snapshot
    - Data set :- FULL
    - Transfer Method:- Browser
    - Do not select the option for "encryption" and "log only"
    - Then Run and save the file

3. Clear Faulty after console connection:
  -> cd /SYS
  -> show fault_state
  -> set clear_fault_action=true
  -> show fault_state
  -> cd /SYS/MB
  -> show fault_state
  -> set clear_fault_action=true
  -> show fault_state
  -> show faulty
  -> fmadm repaired /SYS
  -> fmadm repaired /SYS/MB
  -> show faulty

4. Restart server:
remove both AC power leads for 30 seconds, and then attempt to power on the system.

5. Collect a full snapshot again if the issue is not resolved:
If the host system will not power up, collect a second FULL ILOM snapshot after the below commands.
  -> set session MODE=restricted
  -> hwdiag cpld vr_check ft
  perform the item no. 2 again.

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