Draft Daniel's presentation on the 27th of November

Hello everyone!
Today, I would like to share my favorite movie with you. My favorite movie is "Justice League". This movie is that heroes protect Earth from enemy. I watched it one time, but It was fantastic!  There are many heroes, Superman, Batman, Wonder woman, Aquoaman, Cyborg and Flash in the movie, but my favorite charater is Batman. He wears a black bat suit and a large cape. He looks really cool.
My favorite part is when heroes attack enemy. The heroes were strong but cheerful. The scariest part was when Superman was attacking his friends because he did not know his friends. I think the most exciting part of the movie is when batman and his friends were fighting with Enemy's boss. The heroes beat enemy.
I want all my friends to watch "Justics League" with your famaily
Thank you for listening!

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