LEVEL 3D - Social Networking Service (SNS)


Ann: I'm getting sick of people posting stupid things on Facebook.

Kate: I feel like that sometimes too. It is not all it's cracked up to be.

Ann: Yeah~ Facebook is a dead loss.

Kate: But sometimes it is useful. Some people post things that are very interesting and good information. Also you can see what's going around the world.

Ann: I think I am going to use Instagram instead. It is better to see just pictures than all these sad and "I am having the hardest time in the world" statues. Especially Jenny's postings rub me up the wrong ways. It feels like she is posting things to make me feel terrible.

Kate: She will realize soon that people get irritated by her postings. Someone is going to tell her soon enough. It is only a matter of time.

Ann: I was a really good friend with her in high school. Our relationship got on like a house on fire back then.

Kate: What happened?

Ann: She spread words about me and we had an argument about it. She never confessed what she did so our conversation went round in circle; she kept saying that she didn't do it and I kept asking her what she did it. So after that conversation I decided to stop talking to her.

Kate: I see. If you are going to move onto Instagram, get a new phone! You can't use Instagram on that old phone!

Ann: I am so used to this phone. Hard to get rid of... But I know I need a new phone.

Kate: Let's go get one now! I will help you buy one. Actions speak louder than words!

Ann: Okay! Okay! But... this phone still works you know? It has seen better days... but I love this phone!

Kate: OMG! How many times do I have tell you this? Is it going back to square one? Okay. It doesn't pick up the signal most of time. What is point of having a phone when it doesn't work?

Ann: Fine! Let's go! But I'm going to post this on Facebook that you made me buy a new phone and how whiney you were!

~ is not all it is cracked up to be: ~ 생각보다 좋지는 않다.
a dead loss: ~ 쓸모 없다.
rub someone up the wrong way: ~ 짜증나게 한다.
It is only a matter of time: ~ 시간 문제다.
got on like a house on fire: ~ 와 아주 잘 맞는다(지내다)
go round in circle: ~ 똑같은 말을 반복하다.
Actions speak louder than words: 말보다 행동이 중요하다
has seen better days: ~ 오래 되었다.
go back to square on: ~ 처음으로 돌아가다.

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