Oracle sites

OTN(Oracle Technology Network)
Beehive Central : https://stbeehive.oracle.com/bcentral/
Team Collaboration
OCSG: https://stbeehive.oracle.com/teamcollab/overview/OCSG+for+Oracle+Employees

Oracle Training
  • NFV Training
  1. NFV 101 - Introduction to NFC Fundamentals - internal
  2. Oracle Communications OSS solution for new Network Opportunities - internal
  3. Oracle Communications Application Orchestrator Overview - internal
  4. NFV Educational Update - internal
  1. Oracle Event - internal
Oracle Social Network
Oracle Intranet
My Oracle Support
  • PA: Project Accounting
  • CSP: Communications Service Providers
  • UAT: User Acceptance Testing
  • ATP: Acceptance Test Plan document
  • HLD: High Level Design document
  • LLD: Low Level Design document
  • BOQ: Bill of Quantities
  • ICP: Individualized Compensation Plan
  • OFSS: Oracle Financial Services Software
  • CAB: Customer Advisory Board

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