Core skills for business - Meeting: Question & Answer

2. Explaining Business Data
Louis, Could you share with us the result of your research?
(Would you tell us the results of the survey?)
Based on my research, Korea's leisure industry is growing.
According to the report, the real estate market is declining.
What does that mean?
There is an increasing demand for leisure facilities, Noticeably, Koreans are looking for more recreational options.
I think our new project has potential based on this trend.

3. Discussing Cause and Effect
Why is there a growing demand for leisure facilities in Korea?
Korea's economic progress is the main reason for this trend.
(The rising oil price causes our slow sales growth.)
How will the leisure industry's growth affect businesses?
It will provide an opportunity for business expansion. For instance, companies can develop leisure packages in tourist spots. This will attract more tourists.
(Trade shows give the chance for new product promotion.)
In our case, we can build a new leisure center in Seoul.

4. Asking for Elaboration
You mentioned earlier that economic growth is boosting the leisure industry. Can you elaborate on this idea?
In general, the economic and technological growth has enabled people to earn more money and free time.
How does this impact the leisure industry?
Well, most people prefer to spend their extra time and money on leisure to have fun and refresh themselves. For this reason, leisure facilities are in great demand.

5. Comparing and Contrasting
Given today's trends, we can target retirees or families with kids
I agree with you, Sean. Both families and retirees prefer to spend time in leisure facilities. However, families are not as luxurious as retirees.
(Our clients as well as suppliers prefer online transactions.)
(The old employee are as motivated as the new ones.)
Well, retirees really tend to spend a lot of money on leisure. This is because they have more extra money than families with kids. Despite a common interest, the two groups have different spending attitudes.

6. Confirming an intention
Louis, I believe you want to present your full research. Would you be available to do it next week?
(Would you have enough time to join the meeting?)
Yes, Sunny. It would be my pleasure to share my research findings.
(I would be happy to do it)(I would be glad to give my opinion on the matter.)
Do you need anything for your presentation?
Thanks, I appreciate your concern. I was wondering if I could borrow an LCD projector and a laser pen. I have several details to highlight during my presentation.
(May I ask if you could help us with the presentation?)

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